Friday morning to the Bateys near Haiti. Gumer (my pastor) called me yesterday and we have made the decision, however, to not enter Haiti as originally planned. (We were teaming up with World Vision to bring supplies from all our churches in the Santiago/POP area and World Vision had actually said it would be helpful to have an American (me) with the men. The border patrol are letting more “white” people than non-whites in). The decision was made not to enter when we received news that an evangelical pastor from Santo Domingo just died from bacterial meningitis. Apparently there is an outbreak in PAP right now, so it isn’t a wise choice to go. Therefore, we are still going to Barahona/Batey3 to speak with Preminus about the needs there because of refugees, etc. and what action needs to be taken on this side of the border.

In other news, I met up with Dr. Manno who works in the Central Plateau. I gave him the tents I purchased through the Canadian Conference. He was exhausted when I saw him. His jeep broke down at the border and he spent 2 days in the jungle. Needless to say, sleep was much needed. More information to come.