I got the official word today I have been recommended for approval as a Project Missionary and I couldn’t be more excited! I presented a proposal to the Board of World Mission of the Covenant and they approved it. It was then approved by the Covenant Executive Board. The next step is approval at the Covenant Annual Meeting in June. In the meantime, I will be working closely with our Latin America Regional Coordinators to start implementing the new parts of my job. Here’s a part of my proposal, keeping in mind, it is a fluid document!

Even though the scope is wide, the focus is the same—to provide continuity and focus, and to empower health and integrity in mission through Local Church Initiative relationships, in what is present and what is possible, in the Caribbean. The goal is not to increase numbers, but work to mature, strengthen and deepen the passion for mission and add value to their passion through education, training and evaluating mission effectiveness and provide a wider picture of resources that are available.

  • Connect with ministry partners and the local church through Covenant Merge Ministries,  Local Church Intiatives already engaged in the Caribbean, Vision Trips, North Park University and North Park Theological Seminary and evaluate the possibility of a more active relationship between these groups and Covenant World Mission
  • Determine how ministry could be enhanced by additional resources, lead workshops and seminars, give suggestions for guided reading in order to resource, train, and equip Covenant initiatives in sound missiological principles
  • Facilitate selection sites for Covenant World Relief and the Paul Carlson Partnership, assist in project proposals, oversee the projects, facilitate the connection with partners on the ground, lead in the follow-up, accountability and evaluation

God has opened so many doors in order to make this a reality and I know He will provide richly. I am confident in His provision and He has given me a wonderful support system. I certainly cannot do this alone. This ministry expansion will take a lot of prayer support! In order to make this a reality, I am asking if you would partner with me, first and foremost in prayer for this life-changing ministry. Secondly, I am looking for those who can provide financial support. Please prayerfully consider how you can be involved. Even if you never step foot out of the U.S., I hope in partnering together, we can make a lasting impact in the Caribbean. Please contact me if you would like to get involved as a prayer and/or financial supporter.