Today’s DR news ran a story that makes me wonder if politicians don’t have enough “real” work to do…and it makes me wonder about some parents! Here’s the story:
The Central Electoral Board (JCE) has passed a resolution prohibiting parents from giving their children odd names. The resolution, seemingly out of place, will prohibit parents from giving their children names that are “extravagant, deceptive, vulgar, foreign or don’t allow to clearly determine the child’s sex.” The measure was passed because of the large number of names in the Civil Registry that make references to the body, clothing lines, commercials, movie characters and vulgar slang terms. Though the Registry is filled with common last names such as Sanchez, Ramirez, Rodriguez and Martinez, Dominicans have become experts on thinking up creative names for their children. Some examples include “Baby Ruth Tejada”, “Nat King Cole Martinez Mejia”, “Daewoo Garcia”, “Mazda Ramirez” and “Herpes Montero.”