The other night Mary and I were going to take Jenny to the airport. She was leaving in the middle of the night, so we planned on leaving at 1:15 a.m. I decided to try to get some sleep since I have been feeling horrible. Tonsillitis turned into a sinus infection and I have had a fever for quite a few days. Well, about midnight I got a text message saying we weren’t going to leave until 2 because of a delay. Then, a text saying 3 a.m. We dropped Jenny off at the airport and I headed back to bed…and got 5 texts from her about the flight until almost 6 a.m. Then, the kids woke up. The next night, I got drugged up before going to bed, thinking that would help! NOTHING could help me sleep through the parade of cars, screaming people and the loudest music you could ever imagine snaking its way up and down the streets in our neighborhood. Apparently, it was our night for the parade…at 3:30 a.m. The parade left our area around 4, just in time for the house alarm of the neighbor to go off…and then it was time for fireworks and then the chickens around the corner to start squawking as they laid their eggs! Pretty funny, though. Well, last night my ears actually felt good enough to wear my ear plugs, so I got some sleep!