I kept thinking I would have plenty of time to call everyone I’ve been wanting to call while I was in the States…well, if you didn’t get the call, that means it didn’t happen! I was in Minneapolis with Pastor Preminus for a few days and that was a fantastic time. We had some really great meetings and a chance to be able to talk more about an ongoing relationship with the people of Batey 3 and Crosstown Covenant. Then, it was off to Texas to hang with Alex and do a little work and meet and play with Dale and Sara. Dale and I got to talk about the future and it’s 99.9% sure I will be living here in Santiago until at least next December! You have NO idea how happy that makes me! (Besides the whole it-stinks-being-away-from-family-and-friends-in-the-States thing) Casilda said if I wanted to live with them the whole time I could…which I wasn’t expecting at all. She said she doesn’t want me living far away! We shall see if everything with that pans out!