I arrived with luggage in tow to a very excited 5 year old that couldn’t wait to show me the “Welcome to your new home, Teammi” that she had placed on my door. Damilka (one of the twins) talked non-stop as she showed me around where I would be staying. She helped me put my clothes away, all the while commenting on each shirt, pant or unmentionable. Not long after her brother, Oscar, came running in and started talking a blue streak about everything from school to the cat he saw catch a rat. Casilda came in a few times to tell me it was ok to tell the kids to leave, but I was too amused to tell them to go. Before supper, they decided they were going to hold Spanish class for me and wrote different Spanish words on a chalkboard. I had to make up sentences using the words. After a typical Dominican dinner, both in food and late hour, I went to my room to start my homework for today’s class. I have to give a presentation about another country-it’s culture and history. I was supposed to do it for Monday, but was a bad student! Between moving, going to the beach, worship, taking care of sick friends and going to the concert at the church Sunday night, my weekend was packed!