I have now successfully made it through 3 days of language classes. I have 4 hours of one-on-one with a guy named Randy. He is only 20 but definitely has his act together. Without a doubt, I know that God put us together for a reason-well, actually at least two reasons! One: Randy told me right away he wasn’t a Christian but likes to banter and wants to force me to express myself, so he asks a LOT of questions. In just 3 days we have talked about why God’s way is the best way; that it is about a relationship and not a bunch of rules; that it is out of this relationship that God shows us the things in our lives that need to change; that not all things are beneficial for us; why sex before marriage isn’t God’s best for us; how a person can go for 13 years without dating; the current economic and political situation; war, etc. I was telling a Dominican friend that I am concerned that I don’t have all of the words to express what I think and they said that God will give me the words I need-even in Spanish. I am going to hold God to this!

The second reason I think God has put us together is this: In the past when I have studied, I have always been a little stressed out about it…like I HAVE to learn this! I have put a lot of pressure on myself. Randy laughs at me…and that makes it so much better! He makes me not take things so seriously. I am not afraid to make mistakes for the first time. He also thinks it’s hilarious when I get riled up. He finds subjects that we can banter back and forth and it forces me to think and talk about things I am passionate about. It’s a good fit and I pray God will continue to use my time there not only to be a witness but to continue to mold and shape me.