I had a great weekend, which I will tell you about once I get the photos, but I have been really bothered by something and decided to write about it. The other night I couldn’t sleep and found myself glued to CNN until well after 3 a.m. I was overwhelmed by what has become of “free speech”. They had a special 30 MINUTE segment with people from all walks of life and political viewpoints bashing President Bush. This is what I’ve been thinking about: no matter what your views of any President (or anyone for that matter) how awful that must be for him. I know how much I don’t like to be criticized and I know I am not the exception. I have always said I believe every President is trying to do what they genuinely think is right. I will be the first to say, also, that I have a lot of opinions and will voice them in “safe” environments! (With the people that know my character well enough to not question it or my beliefs even if I think differently. I think a lot differently now because of the things I have been exposed to.) But here’s the deal: I got to thinking how awful that must be to be constantly bombarded with criticism…not just of your policies, but your character. It just makes me sad to think that the media just continues to feed into this monster. It makes me sad to think that various times Christians are the ones that are the first to criticize. It just makes me sad…and no matter what I feel about the President, I feel horrible for what he must be going through as a person, dad, husband and Christian.