It was great being back up at Portage Lake. I went as the “missionary speaker” for the Women’s Retreat and had a great time…I know some of you will be shocked by this since I’m not normally down on solely “womenly” things! The midweek group were generally older women and I loved hanging out with them. They were all very affirming and I received one of the best compliments of my entire life by a woman. I had a chance to hang out with Ruth Hill a bit, so that was great and met a fantastic mother/daughter pair. The weekend crew brought with it a younger and rowdier crowd…and a lot more of my friends from Saranac, so that was fun…up until that one incident. What’s the incident? My mom broke her arm! Yikes. Please be praying for her, as she is in a lot of pain…and that she will allow others to help her…something the Biggs clan isn’t always good at!