Today I was on my way to meet with my pastor in Santiago. I was driving down the street that made my mom pretty nervous when she was here…when suddenly a car turned left in front of me without stopping and looking. It had just stopped raining and although I wasn’t going very fast, my car started to skid. There were cars everywhere and all I could do was slam on the brakes and prepare to hit the car. I hit the car and prepared myself as I was jerked into the next lane over for another impact. By the grace of God, I was missed. There were quite a few helpful guys that stopped to help me and to direct traffic around our vehicles. The other driver was a young girl with her little sister in the passenger seat. Blessing number one: if I wouldn’t have skid, I would have hit the car later and t-boned the car, hitting the passenger side where the little girl was looking at me with a very frightened face. Instead, I hit the front end of the car. Blessing number two: Darlene came and helped me, as I was flustered and suddenly couldn’t remember much Spanish. The driver of the other car couldn’t get out of her side of the vehicle, but everyone walked away without a scratch…or eating an airbag…my biggest fear (blessings numbers three and four). The mom of the girls showed up and Darlene called the rental car company to see what I needed to do. During this time, I found out the driver of the other car, the young girl, didn’t have a license, but according to her mom, “she knows how to drive.” Blessing number five: Even though I “pulled a dad” and didn’t get the additional insurance on the rental, flying American Airlines has its perks. I have a Platinum Credit Card and it has Rental Coverage. I now have to file a claim with them but it looks pretty good for having it covered. Blessing number six: I can feel pretty confident that the claim will be covered because the police report states the accident was not my fault. Not to mention blessing number seven: the rental hardly had even damage to it. It was a VERY sturdy car. As for the other car…the men picked up the whole front end and put it in the backseat. It was completely gone and the radiator had a hole in it. I am thankful that despite the lost hours of preparation for the team that is coming tomorrow and really sore body, God protected not only me, but the girls in the other car.