I had such a great time with the Andersons from Crosstown Covenant, MN in Barahona and Batey 3. I was really stressing about my ability to be able to communicate in Spanish for the two of them. I knew they were relying on me, and to be honest, I was very anxious about it. I think it turned out well, though, thanks to a whole lot of prayer! I did not speak perfect Spanish by any stretch of the imagination, but my attitude was completely different this time…I kept trying, entering into conversations I knew would be difficult and laughed a lot. God really answered prayers in a huge way. Preminus and his family are fantastic people and we had a great time staying with them. I am really looking forward to the Crosstown group coming to Batey 3 in June. Here is a picture of Preminus, Dora and Jhon Carlos (top) and some white girl with some of the kids from the church. Click here for more photos!