Yesterday I returned from a great whirlwind trip to Berlin, CT. On the last leg of my flight from San Juan to Santiago, we were about 20 minutes into our flight and the flight attendant ran to the front with a worried look on her face. She said we were experiencing a mechanical problem and had to return to San Juan. Then, about 10 minutes after that, she came back on and said the pilots were able to fix the problem and we could continue on. I found out that the autopilot stopped working on the plane so they had to manually override it. We had also lost pressurization capabilities, so we had to stay under 10000 feet. I am a little disappointed to miss out of my first possible experience to “put your mask on before assisting others”! Anyways, all is well…I did have a headache but I think it could be because I am fighting a cold or something. Dominicans always clap when they reach a destination and they clapped a little louder this time. (Most are nervous fliers, too!)