I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to do trips here in Santiago! Yesterday after running around most of the day making preparations, Mario, Gumer and I went in the Gua Gua (bus) to Santo Domingo to pick up the group from Yakima. The group of 35 arrived on time, made it through immigration in record time and had all of their luggage…praise the Lord! Coinciding to our trip to the capital, the rest of our staff arrived via plane 3 hours late in Santiago. The Marys picked them up and all was well. We finally got the group settled in a little after midnight and came back to my apartment for some sleep. Today was great…the group worked at the school in Jacagua…hauling blocks, sand, setting block, etc on the third floor of the new building. Nicole and I did a lot of running around getting all of the food for this week. I also got to hang out with some of my friends and students I have come to love at the school! We had a great meal by Gumer’s wife, Mary (as always!) Then, it was off to VBS in 2 locations. I went with half of the group to Cien Fuegos and the other group stayed in Jacagua. It was fun to be able to use some of my friends from Cien Fuegos as translators. A few of the Dominicans know English and since it is easier to translate into your own language, they did a great job translating for the group. The staff is doing awesome. Emmanuel joined us this week. He is from Mexico and has worked with Merge many times. He is great…a total initiator and VERY hard worker. He’s doing a great job trying to practice English, too! Well, my day ended with a trip to the emergency room! One of the students ran into a tree while playing frisbee and nailed his hand pretty good. Dr. Rob thought he might have broken it. Thankfully, the x-rays looked fine and his pain is starting to regulate. He’ll have to take it easy and I know he doesn’t like that idea. Please pray he will be open to whatever the Lord can teach him during this time. Well, I’m off to bed. We need to leave the apartment by 6:50, so “Buenas Noches!”