I had a great time staying with my friend Reid! He has a great family and it was fun to catch up. I also had a good time in Bellevue training the team. So, today was day 1 of 2 of my airplane days. I drove to the airport this morning and to return the rental car with plenty of time to spare. I decided to get a bagel sandwich while I waited to board. There was a long line of impatient customers and I soon realized I was one of them! I ordered my sandwich and the girl behind the counter didn’t seem to be that interested in working at a speed that would satisfy me. I stood there for what seemed forever while she was busy humming and making my sandwich. I got more irritated… how long does it take to make ONE sandwich?!? And then it happened… she took the bottle that housed the mayonnaise, made a smiley face on my sandwich and checked to make sure the ingredients were situated correctly before closing the sandwich. Can I just say that I was suddenly struck between the eyes. Here this girl was having a great time making sandwiches for probably minimum wage in an airport, doing everything she could to make her job mean something…including passing a smile my way. Man, I am THAT warped that I can’t live at less than warped speed? Hum…. well, maybe you are too?