So, here’s the rundown of obstacles I have run into while apartment hunting in the DR:

  • Most places need to have water and electricity hooked up, which means contracts and more money and added time.
  • Places that are furnished cost about three times the amount of an unfurnished apartment…including stove, frig and washing washine.
  • Most places around here are for sale, not for rent.
  • Darlene figured it could be a couple months until I found something and signed all the contracts.
  • I need to have a secure apartment.

How God worked:

  • After not being thrilled about one of the only apartments in my price range, (in fact, rather depressed about it) I told the Lord if this is where He wanted me, I will take it…Two hours later, a man got back to us from a different apartment building…and I loved it!
  • This place is huge (all places around here are) so there’s plenty of room for family and friends!!!!
  • The water and electricity are already on, which means no contracts or signing over any contracts… which equals no extra cost!
  • A bunch of teachers are leaving after the school year from Santiago Christian School, so I can buy furniture off them for cheap than a store! Until the end of May, I’m just getting the stove, frig, washing machine and a bed. Darlene is going to let me borrow her cardtable and two patio chairs, so it’s really all I need for now.
  • It is two and a half blocks from Darlene and Mary’s place and about the same from another friend here.
  • It is just at what I budgeted for rent!!!
  • I sign the contract on Wednesday and move in next Wednesday or so when I get back from Miami.

Thank You, Lord!