It is now the end of day three of language school. 21 hours later of studying Spanish and my brain is definitely fried! It is so fun, though! I can certainlly say that I am progressing. Another Covenant missionary family is here at the school, too, so it has been fun getting to know them and having a Covenant…and more importantly…Christian connection. My private teacher’s name is Kristy and she is also a Christian! Our conversations center around our faith quite a bit…even with my limited vocabulary! I have class from 8-12, 2-5 and then tareas (homework!) afterwards, so I am definitely getting my fill. I am very aware that God is guiding this time, though, because I would be going crazy otherwise. I want to say a special thank you to those who have written and left me voicemails on Skype…your love and friendship is a total blessing. Dios le bendiga